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Alzheimer’s – Dementia Care

Senior Care Services in Georgia

elderly man happily talking with his caregiverAlthough there currently is no deterrent or cure for Alzheimer’s disease, caregivers can help your loved ones manage their dementia symptoms. Here’s a little background information on how Alzheimer’s disease works at the stages of the dementia process and how a home care can make it easier for sufferers to cope:

In the early stages of dementia, according to, people with Alzheimer’s typically have both “good” and “bad days”. On “good days,” you don’t notice unusual behavior. On “bad days,” sufferers may forget they have a pie in the oven or call you in a panic because they have been driving around for an hour unable to find the local grocery store. It’s important to watch out for “bad day” situations like these as they will only become more frequent and dangerous.

As your loved ones’ Alzheimer’s worsens, they will need more supervision. WebMD suggests you should remove things that could endanger your loved one, such as hiding the car keys and matches. In advanced stages, people with Alzheimer’s may begin to wander or become hostile and violent at times. They could pose a danger to themselves and others. Create a safer environment and help minimize their source of frustration to reduce wandering or hostile behavior.

A caregiver can help patients with Alzheimer’s by:

  • Making sure their environment is free of anything they could use to cause harm to themselves with.
  • Helping them maintain routines and simplify their tasks to help reduce their fear and confusion.
  • Supervising their daily activities.
  • Help manage their “good days” and “bad days” and the behavior that goes along with them.
  • Creating a schedule for them that includes activities that stimulate their minds.
  • Plus more.

For more information on how caregivers at Abundant Life Assisted Services Home Care can help your loved ones cope with Alzheimer’s, please call us at 678-319-0307.