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Private Duty Sitting

Private Duty Sitting in Georgia

caregivers taking care of an elderWhen you can’t always be there for your loved ones, our caretakers can. At Abundant Life Assisted Services Home Care, we offer private duty sitting service to families in the Atlanta Metro area. As part of this service, we provide elders and those who are disabled with a sitter who makes sure they receive the care they need. Care includes: social interaction, companionship (reading, talking, and listening), making sure your loved one takes his or her medicine on time, and more.

Abundant Life Assisted Services Home Care is one of the leading and most trusted private duty nursing agencies in Atlanta, GA, that provides next-level in-home private duty nursing services to you and your loved ones to improve their health and happiness. We serve older adults, people with limited mobility, and chronically ill individuals living in the Atlanta Metro area by providing them with a skilled and compassionate sitter who makes sure that they receive the much-needed care in the privacy and comfort of home. So, when you are not there to care for your family members, our caretakers take care of them in the best way possible.

Our private duty nurses are screened and selected based on not only their skills and certification but also their compassion for seniors, chronically ill individuals, and those with mobility challenges. They include licensed practical nurses (LPNs), Registered Nurses (RNs), and certified caregivers, trained to perform a range of medical tasks and offer personalized private home care in Georgia.

Our private Home Care in Georgia Includes:

Medical care: Our private duty nursing experts help your loved one meet their medical needs on time and without fail. Their duties include, but not limited to, setting up and maintaining a medication schedule, administering medication such as eye drops, injections, pills, topical creams, and others, checking heart rate and blood pressure, and many others.

Companionship: More than 40% of the seniors living alone in the US suffer from loneliness and social isolation, which further leads to depression and anxiety. But with our private duty caregivers right by their side, your loved one will never feel lonely and isolated, as our caregivers are compassionate and trained to provide the much-needed companionship.

Social Interaction: If and when your loved one wants to go out to meet friends or family, our private home care in Georgia is there with the right support. Our caregivers will help them with church visits, family gatherings, shopping, and many other tasks to boost their social interaction and improve their health and happiness.

If you are looking for a private duty nursing agency in Atlanta, GA, get in touch with us through the “Contact” page and let us provide you or your family member with the right level of private duty sitting services.

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