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Testing and Treating Diabetes: What You Need to Know


Diabetes can be a byword at home when it runs in the family, or when we’ve already been diagnosed with the condition. If there’s anything good about diabetes, it will be that it’s manageable. No longer curable, yes, but you can keep the complications from worsening or making your situation difficult.

Furthermore, with assistance from professionals providing quality In Home Elderly Care in Georgia, you or a senior loved one can receive help in properly monitoring the risks of complications for diabetes even when they’re just at home.

How is diabetes being managed? Here are the recommended diabetes management activities:

  • Blood Sugar Testing

    For a diabetic person, the amount of sugar in their bloodstreams is always monitored. This is to prevent the unexpected increase or decrease, both of which are harmful to the patient’s health. For those who are still suspecting if they have diabetes, they will have to undergo prior testing on their urine and blood. When their diabetes condition is confirmed through the blood tests, they will need to monitor their glucose level regularly.

    Blood sugar testing can be self-performed. However, in the cases of our senior loved ones who may not have sufficient strength or capacity to do the test on their own, they can benefit from the assistance of Senior Care Services providers.

  • Diabetes Screening

    There are also people who show no symptoms of diabetes, but will need to undergo diabetes screening because of these risks:

    • Excess weight, especially for children beginning at age 10; their screening has to be done every three years
    • Excess weight for adults who also have high blood pressure, or whose immediate family members are diagnosed with diabetes
    • Reaching the age of 45, and which test has to be repeated for every three years
  • Diabetes Management

    The proper care and symptom management of diabetes can help reduce the complications and keep the patient from further health issues. The Type 2 Diabetes can at times be reversed through the proper implementation of lifestyle changes, which includes weight loss, exercise, and well-balanced meals. Meanwhile, Type 1 Diabetes has to be managed with the same recommended lifestyle changes to prevent progression and further complication.

As leading providers of Senior Home Care Services in Georgia, we would like to share these helpful tips in managing the diabetic condition of your loved one.

  • Be educated about diabetes and how you can assist in ensuring the safety and overall wellbeing at home.
  • Always accompany your loved one in their medical checkups so you will stay updated with their condition.
  • Work on finding ways to improve their blood sugar level, blood pressure, and pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • For questions about diabetes concerns, don’t hesitate to speak them out to their doctor so their instructions can be religiously followed.

At Abundant Life Assisted Services, you have the help you need for home chores so you can focus on caring for your diabetic loved one. Contact us for inquiries!

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