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Tips: Preventing Dementia Patients from Wandering

Tips: Preventing Dementia Patients from Wandering

Episodes of wandering are common among individuals diagnosed with any type of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease. Wandering is typically triggered by feelings of boredom, side effects of their medications, or the attempts to look for someone.

Because of the quality Senior Home Care Services in Georgia that we provide, we would like to inspire you on dementia care with further tips on how to address moments of wandering:

    When a person with dementia experiences restlessness, they will have a tendency to wander around. This can be unsafe for them. To help address this challenge, allow your loved one to have adequate amount of exercise. We can also help you provide In Home Elderly Care in Georgia so that their exercise activities can be monitored and supervised.
    A simple barrier to the door such as a curtain can discourage your loved one from going outdoors. When they can’t easily find the door, they would not associate it with going outside. Aside from curtains, you can also put up signs such as STOP or NO ENTRY.
    Your loved ones may also be discouraged to leave home when the doors are locked or when they can’t correctly operate the doorknobs. It could be helpful to install plastic covers on the doorknobs, but just make sure that these are safe.
    Aside from getting companionship assistance from providers of Senior Care Services, you can also install home security devices to monitor their whereabouts both indoors and outdoors. This makes locating them easier in case they do wander around.
    There are also available identification devices that persons with dementia can wear so that they can be identified if ever wandering occurs. Include your contact information so you can be easily reached for your loved one to return home.

When you will need more assistance in caring for your loved one, feel free to contact us at Abundant Life Assisted Services. Our team is ready to help your loved one attain quality life.

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