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3 Effective Ways to Help Your Parents Age in Place

3 Effective Ways to Help Your Parents Age in Place

Statistics show that 87% of adults aged 65 and older want to remain at home as they age. Is your aging parent of these people?

If they are, you might be wondering how you can help them stay at home for as long as possible. You might be thinking about how you can help them age in place safely, independently, and comfortably.

Abundant Life Assisted Services, a reliable provider of in home elderly care in Georgia, offers the following ideas as you look for ways to help your aging parents stay at home.

  1. Make necessary home modifications.

    As your parents age, their abilities may start to wane. They may find it more difficult to navigate the home. Getting up and down the stairs may become a challenge. Bathroom safety may become a concern.

    To keep them safe, make sure to make necessary home modifications. Some simple home modifications to consider include, installing grab bars, using non-slip mats, adding outdoor ramps, improving home lighting, replacing round doorknobs with lever-style handles, and more.

  2. Use technology to stay connected and safe.

    In today’s modern world, there are various technologies out there designed to make living at home safer and easier for seniors. For instance, medical alert systems make it easier for seniors to call for help with a single push of a button. Cellphones and other gadgets with video chatting capabilities make it easier for seniors to stay in touch with their loved ones too.

  3. Consider professional senior care services.

    Take advantage of our senior home care services in Georgia, and ensure that your elderly loved ones have all of the care and support they need at home. Our caregivers can assist with activities of daily living, offer companionship, help with household chores, and more.

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