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3 Key Components of Elderly Hygiene Care

3 Key Components of Elderly Hygiene Care

When you’re caring for an elderly family member, you can’t afford to overlook their hygiene care. This aspect of their lives can be a key factor for other health complications to occur when unattended to. As your partner in providing superb In Home Elderly Care in Georgia, we would like to impart with you the vital components of providing hygiene care to your aging loved one.

  1. Attending to their Personal Care

    This aspect of their hygiene involves care activities that we consider as private. These include taking a bath, washing, or changing clothes. When you’re assisting a senior person in their personal care activities, you can anticipate that they may refuse it, or when they do, they will have to make special requests for doing some things on their own.

    What’s important is that when you attend to these personal care needs, strive to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for them. When your loved one also has dementia, you may need to explain to them what is about to happen so they will not be surprised. This part of their hygiene involves much of their privacy, so exercise sensitivity in how you’re going to care for them.

  2. Remember their Dignity

    To your senior loved one, their sense of dignity and independence is an essential factor when assisting them in any way, particularly with their hygiene needs. As your partner in providing quality Senior Home Care Services in Georgia, we recommend that your loved one be allowed to do some of the things on their own. This is how you respect their sense of dignity.

    With your supervision, allow them to decide how they would like to be assisted. While you will also consider their safety, such as keeping them safe from falls in the bathroom when they’re taking a bath, remember that they can still be independent in shampooing their hair or rubbing their skin. For loved ones who are bathed in their beds, cover them with a towel to protect their modesty while ensuring that they’re thoroughly cleansed.

  3. Think of their Safety

    In providing excellent Senior Care Services to your aging family member’s hygiene, keep in mind that they’re also prone to accidents especially falls. When assisting them in bathing, for instance, ensure that they will be safe from falls. Check for the water temperature so it will be just right for them. Assist them in holding on to grab bars or to sit down at the bath seat so they can wash on their own.

    Your loved one’s safety is a great factor in keeping them in good health and excellent wellness. Exercise initiative in finding other ways to protect them from instances that can possibly lead to injury.

With these reminders, our team at Abundant Life Assisted Services hopes that your caregiving role can become even more manageable. When you need extra hands to assist you, feel free to arrange an appointment with us.

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