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3 Tips When Setting Doctor’s Appointments for Your Senior Loved Ones


When your loved ones reach old age, going to the doctor for a visit will surely become a regular part of their routine. Doctor’s appointments can help them and their physicians to monitor possible existing conditions and prevent further health issues.

Setting their own appointments may be quite hard. They may forget when their scheduled visits are or how to coordinate medical transportation for such visits. This is the reason why they may need someone to set the appointments for them. Providers of In-Home Elderly Care may provide this service. But, if you are setting an appointment for your senior loved ones, here are tips to remember.

  1. Know the schedules.
    You have to know how often and when the schedule for the appointments are. If your senior loved ones are having troubles remembering details, you cannot expect them to know such important information. Write these schedules down.

    It will be best to verify the scheduled appointment first with the doctor at least a couple of days before to make sure that your family members will not miss their visits.

  2. Be observant.
    A lot of things can happen from the last doctor’s visit. Symptoms might have gotten worse. The disease might have progressed faster.

    You need to watch out for the changes in your family members’ conditions and even take note of them. You also have to identify possible side effects from new medications that your loved ones are taking in after the last visit. This way, you can help the doctor figure out what is happening and what might happen afterward.

  3. Prepare for the visit.
    Make sure that your loved ones can use available transportation to and from their doctor’s appointments. Prepare the transportation beforehand by arranging with a transportation provider. If you will be using your own car, make sure that your loved ones will be able to travel comfortably and safely to and from their destinations.

At Abundant Life Assisted Services, we know how essential doctor’s appointments are for monitoring the conditions of your loved ones. That is why we include setting appointments on behalf of the patients we serve as part of our Senior Home Care Services in Georgia.

If you or a senior loved one requires assistance at home, call us at 678-319-0307.

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