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6 Tips for Keeping a Senior Citizen’s Health in Tiptop Shape

How to make seniors feel special? Though tickets to a luxurious hotel and spa are good suggestions the best answer would still be good health. Unlike any other thing in this world, good health is fundamental to human life. If you keep your dear parents and grandparents in the pink of health, they can enjoy the world even more!

Staying healthy can be more challenging for the old-timers. Mind you, the word used is challenging – not impossible. If you wish to keep your seniors healthy, here are helpful tips to achieve such goal:

  1. Cut off sugar and carbs.

    Watch what they eat. Always remember that the road to a healthier life starts with the mouth. Regularly eating foods high in sugar and carbohydrates can lead to hypertension and diabetes. Is your senior not eating the healthy meal you served? The key solution to that dilemma is tricking their sight and taste. Employ modern culinary methods to improve their appetite without compromising the nutritional values.

  2. Limit alcohol.

    Often times, alcohol makes parties and gatherings more lively and enjoyable. While alcohol itself is not unhealthy, excessive intake will disturb the body. Always remind your loved one to be responsible.

  3. No more tobacco sticks.

    Smoking hastens death. If you wish your loved ones to live longer lives, make an effort to make them quit this dangerous habit. Not only does smoking bring diseases and health risks to the smoker, it also exposes the people within nearby periphery to even greater damage.

  4. Shorten television hours.

    Staying too long on the sofa while watching TV have four notable disadvantages. First, it damages the eyes. Second, it distorts proper back posture. Third, it discourages social interactions. Fourth, since blue light is emitted, the same triggers body hormones that cause insomnia.

  5. More morning jogs.

    As dubbed by experts, jogging is considered the simplest and most comprehensive form of exercise. It activates your legs, lungs, and heart. If you do this exercise in the morning the better. You can avoid heat, traffic and noise pollution.

  6. Avoid stress.

    For senior citizens, stress is a deadly assassin. Though tolerable on small amounts, the repetitive and maximized exposure to such encourages the formation of many diseases. On worse case scenarios, too much stress can even bring about a sudden death. Open opportunities for the old timers to relax, unwind and enjoy life.

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