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7 Things that They Didn’t Tell You About Dementia

7 Things that They Didn’t Tell You About Dementia

Dementia is a mental disorder characterized by symptoms such as impaired rationality, personality change, and memory loss. The said symptoms are too severe that they already interfere with the patient’s daily life. It is actually an umbrella term that covers diseases including Alzheimer’s disease.

This disorder is primarily caused by damaged brain cells. The damage disables the brain cells to communicate properly among themselves causing the disarrayed mental disposition of the patients. Dementia has several types; the type can be diagnosed depending on the type of brains cells that became dysfunctional.

Caring for these patients will require keen supervision and guidance. Availing In Home Elderly Care services would be recommended.

To debunk the secrets of dementia, be aware of the following:

  • Not only the elderly gets afflicted with Dementia.

    Yes, people below 65 years old can suffer dementia as well. Though the biggest factor in acquiring dementia is age, it is not absolute. Acquiring dementia at a younger age can be frustrating. One will have to juggle work, family, and the disorder altogether. One may not function properly and everything may just fall out of place.

  • Dementia affects women more.

    Biologically speaking, women are more affected. Among the 5 million Americans recorded with dementia, 2/3 of which are women. According to another statistics, after 60, women has twice more chance of developing dementia over breast cancer.
    Experts’ explanation toward this fact is that women undergo more mental stress than men. Their natural impulsiveness adds on to the development of the disorder.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk.

    If you are obese, hypertensive, alcoholic, depressed, or diabetic, your chances of dementia are higher. Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle is necessary. Choosing the right diet and doing the right amount of exercise will make a huge difference.

  • Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk, as well.

    This fact was proposed by a researcher from University of Exeter Medical School. According to Dr. Llewellyn, people who are Vitamin D deficient have a 53% chance of developing dementia. The chemical reasoning behind is yet unclear. However, new researches pose that Vitamin D contributes to the brain’s cognitive activities.

  • There isn’t a cure yet.

    Unfortunately, dementia is not yet curable. There are only drugs that are prescribed to deal with the symptoms.

  • Living a productive life is possible despite dementia.

    Being diagnosed with dementia is not yet the end of the world. One will just have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice activities to stimulate his brain further.

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