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How to Keep Senior Adults Feeling Positive


A healthy well-being is not limited to have a good physique. It also pertains to having a healthy state of mind. It is important for seniors to keep a healthy body and a sound mind to avoid depression.

If seniors always feel somber and moody, they could be at risk of having depression. Constant feeling of sadness is not a good sign. Everything can go downhill from there. Loss of enthusiasm and inactivity could gradually develop to a sickness or worse it could lead to dementia.

With all these things in mind, our Senior Home Care Services in Georgia, Abundant Life Assisted Services, have decided to put greater weight on the mental health of our seniors. Here are some tips on how to keep them feeling positive:

  1. Start the day with positivity

    The first mood that we set for the day will usually determine the mood for the whole day. It is important that as caregivers, we cultivate positivity in our day to day endeavor. A simple yet genuine smile or a lively greeting could go a long way.

    Moreover, radiating positivity in the morning can really help boost the patient’s mood. It is somewhat sending them a message that we care for them and that we are happy seeing them. If they are surrounded by this kind of positivity it could prevent them from feeling neglected and isolated.

  2. Involve your patient with your goals

    Senior adults are very sensitive when it comes to performing mundane tasks. As much as possible they want to maintain their sense of independence and sometimes they could be in denial of needing someone’s help.

    If we see that our patients are quite hesitant to ask for our help, the best thing that we can do as caregivers is to let them be. Before we start the day, we could tell them of our goals and ask for their opinion. Asking them whether they are okay with the tasks or not, is one way of allowing them to decide on their own. We should also allow them to do things on their own but we need to stay close just in case they would need assistance.

    Lastly, giving them some positive comments after finishing their task can also boost their confidence and it could encourage them to do more. Positive affirmations are important to senior patients.

  3. Surround your patient with positive people

    Your senior adult could use some visitors. If they are living far from their family, you could invite some family members to come over and spend a meal with your patient. A simple family bonding at least once a week could plant a positive mood to the elderly for a long time. They cherish family time because it is one way of showing them that they are still being cared for despite old age.

    You can also engage your patient to the different activities in your community. In this manner, they can socialize and mingle with different people. This is good for their health because they get to do new things every now and then.

Can you think of other ways to keep your seniors feeling positive? Let us hear your thoughts. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient provider of Senior Care Services, Abundant Life Assisted Services could help you with that. For queries, you can visit our website at or call us at 678-319-0307.

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