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Incontinence Care: Helpful Products to Consider

Incontinence Care: Helpful Products to Consider

There may come a time when your senior loved one needs to use continence products, such as pants, pads, or bed protection to manage incontinence.

Not sure which product(s) suits your loved one’s needs? As an expert provider of in home elderly care in Georgia, our continence nurses can assess your loved one’s needs and offer recommendations.

At Abundant Life Assisted Services, our home health care professional can also teach you how to use and care for these products, and offer incontinence care if necessary.

Products to Consider
Here are some product recommendations for your trusted source of senior home care services in Georgia.

  • Pads and PantsPads and pants come in many sizes and shapes and can be disposable or washable. The choice will depend on the person’s:
    • Type of incontinence
    • Level of incontinence
    • The physical capabilities of the person you are caring for
    • Personal preferences (i.e. color, size, etc.)

    Bonus Tip: When you are caring for someone using disposal pads or pants, remember to wash and carefully dry their skin every time you change the pad. Also, use moisturizers and creams to protect the skin against irritation.

  • Bed Sheets, Bed Pads, and Chair PadsThere are pads available for beds and chairs, including car seats and wheelchairs. They can be used alone or as a back-up to pads and pants. They can also be useful when traveling. These products can also be disposable or washable.
  • Bedding ProtectionFitted waterproof covers are available for pillows and mattresses. These are available in many waterproof sizes, styles, and fabrics.

Caring for someone with incontinence isn’t always easy but having the right products and senior care services can help ease the situation.

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