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The Best Companion Pets for Seniors

The Best Companion Pets for Seniors

Having a pet in a senior’s household poses a lot of benefits for those who are aging at home. Pets offer warmth and love, keep them engaged and happy, and is especially helpful for fighting feelings of isolation. They are also ideal guardians who can protect your loved ones from danger. As a provider of senior home care services in Georgia, we offer the following suggestions on what pet to get for your senior loved one, and why you should:

  • Dogs

    Dogs are known to provide not only safety from harm, but their high energy levels are also effective in lifting up the spirits. They are extremely charming and friendly. At some point, they could even encourage the seniors to walk and be active. They are loyal and affectionate, giving the seniors a sense of connection and purpose.

  • Fish

    Fishes, admittedly, aren’t as high-spirited as dogs but their smooth swimming motion does help promote relaxation. Having an aquarium or even two in a senior’s home could have the potential of shifting moods – from dull to calming. They’re soothing and, from the outside, look absolutely carefree. Isn’t that the best way to spend one’s golden years?

  • Bird

    Birds are tricky but nevertheless, add a pinch of spice to your aging loved one’s home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a canary or a parrot, birds of all sizes could fill a house with songs and make it livelier. Their sweet-sounding vocalizations are pleasant to listen to and their flitting movements are entertaining to watch. Birds, in general, could provide seniors the opportunity to nurture and communicate without too much hassle. Get help from in home elderly care in Georgia in taking care of this pet.

  • Cat

    The best pet that you could ever get a senior is one that is low maintenance but at the same time, still irresistibly cute. This is where cats could come in. Of course, all animals listed in this article are cute and lovable, but cats have the advantage of functioning on their own with minimal supervision. They have a reputation of being terribly indolent (considering their extended sleeping hours) but contrary to this popular belief, cats are actually warm and loving.

A lot of people are reluctant when taking in pets, reasoning that taking care of one requires a lot of effort. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

Our services at Abundant Life Assisted Services extend to the pets living with your loved one. We believe in providing senior care services that would help make your senior loved one’s life easier, and pets could help them experience that. To know more about what we offer, call 678-319-0307. Together, let us help the ones we love.

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