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Tips for Celebrating Halloween with a Disabled Child: In-home Care Services & More

We know that it’s more than a month away, but the spooky season always seems to excite the younger generation a lot earlier than we would anticipate. However, the feeling might be the same for disabled children with in-home care services. With the other kids excited to plan their costumes and visit home-to-home for trick or treating, the celebration time can be overwhelming, stressful, and anxiety-inducing for children who have a disability or other special needs. The loud noises, crowded environments, unfamiliar sights, strong scents act as strong triggers for stimulus-response. With the COVID- regulations guiding the current scene, it would be tough to anticipate how the festival will go considering the dynamic pace of the world. However, preparation always helps and proves to be beneficial for both the child and the kid.


Socializing can act as a breath of fresh air. You can even join your kid for a few house rounds of trick-or-treating. If your kid suffers from a speech disability, still he/ she can ask for candies via augmentative communication. You can simply use a card/ sign or even technology like iPhone or any other phone.


If your child is someone who doesn’t like to go outside, you can bring the festival experience to the home. Use colorful decorations, carve a pumpkin with your child, prepare Halloween treats and cookies for the entire family and plan a horror flick at night to watch together. Practicing social situations also helps them to overcome their social anxiety and improve their people skills.


It can be overwhelming for you as a parent to do everything by yourself. Caring for a dependent child is not one man’s job letting alone helping them prepare for the festival gathering. You can even ask your hired professional for disabled in-home care services to join the celebration to make your child feel more comfortable in a familiar environment.

To be honest, there are no set guidelines for celebrating festivals. Your way of celebration can be as unique as your child. As long as it’s fun and doesn’t bother anyone else, it’s all good! At ALAS Care, our trained professionals understand the intricacies of at-home care and specialize in creating custom comfort and convenience that meet every individual’s unique needs. Being a trusted name among senior care, disabled, and chronically ill in-home care services, we ensure that our duty precedes our reputation, thus, leading to a high quality of life. For more info, browse our website or dial 687-319-0307.

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