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3 Tips to See That Happy Smile of the Seniors


As a family, a friend, or as a provider of Senior Home Care Services in Georgia, we all love to see the elderly happy. That smile across their faces when they see us, when they talk to us, or when we administer Senior Care Services to them just melts our hearts. If you have watched older individuals all day, you may have noticed that many of them go through their entire day with a frown or with a neutral expression. Sometimes it mystifies people what could break the ice with the elderly, what could excite them, and what could extract that genuine sweet smile. Abundant Life Assisted Services believe we have figured out how to get the elderly to be generous with their warm smile.

  • Smile

    Who would like to snap back at a person smiling? Studies have shown that people are more likely to smile back at a person smiling at them. It sounds pretty easy to get the elderly looking happy and sweet at you. Try to make them mirror your own cheerfulness. If you are providing them Senior Care Services with a frown or with hesitance, you cannot expect them to feel cheery or enthusiastic about life or of getting better. What you give is what you get, although you might need to be a little more patient and tolerant with the elderly. Their hearing cannot be as good as yours, so you might want to say your lively hellos a bit louder. Although they may not easily hear you and it might take several repetitions for them to get what you said but if you show them a lovely beam across your face, they would not be mistaking it for something else.

  • Kindness

    There is no arguing that kindness needs no words to be felt. Just like what they say that actions speak louder than words, so is kindness. As providers of Senior Home Care Services in Georgia, we have seen how less responsive the elderly has become – like literally due to aging. Their hearing is impaired, their sight is not 20/20 anymore, and their brain has aged as well. Words need to be reiterated, visuals need to be closer, and information has to be clearer. Although interaction with them can be quite difficult, showing them kindness is not. They may have a hard time hearing our compliments, or seeing our smiling face, but we can always make them feel our compassion to them through the gentleness of our touch.

  • Interest

    They are old but they are still smart and most especially, they have feelings. They can distinguish a halfhearted, disinterested small talk from a real conversation. They may have the tendency to repeat their stories but we should never disrespect it. At Abundant Life Services, we always give weight to what everybody says. It makes the elderly happy to feel significant and heard of. Their complaints and ideas should never be taken lightly as well.

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