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Private Home Care in Georgia


Many younger individuals think that the older generation and their present generation have nothing in common. The elderly lived during a different era than the social media and gadgets filled world of today’s youth. Consequently, many people have no idea how to talk to the elderly, because of course a mutual interest is usually a conversation starter. But is it really the only ice breaker that you can use? As provider of Senior Care Services in Georgia, we have noticed what topics can get the elderly open up to you like a best friend. The older people’s stories are like buried treasures that are full of excitement, drama, and plot twists. As you talk to them on a deeper level, you would realize how much their experiences, feelings, and thoughts are no different than yours. At Abundant Life Assisted Services, we love all the precious stories we hear from the elderly. Part of a good In Home Elderly Care experience is listening to the seniors’ wisdom.

Love Stories

Well, don’t suddenly pry at them for this deepest secret of their hearts. Begin talking about something that will lead on to this passionate part of their life, maybe by talking about your own or of something you saw from the movie. There is no doubt that as you talk about romances, the elderly’s own will come flashing back in their head. They might begin telling you how their true love is actually the one who got away. Nothing can beat a real life love story, not even The Notebook. You might even get yourself some really meaningful suggestions on how to love, or find some answers to your question. Isn’t that a priceless bonus while performing Senior Care Services in Georgia!


Are you not seriously curious what seniors used to do with their time when they are not scrolling endlessly in their social media feeds like most people do now? You might just see their eyes sparkle as they share with you how they play soccer everyday with their friends after school, or of how they almost got lost one time in one of their many hiking trips, or of how they used to play the drums in their parents’ garage. Hearing their generation’s interesting past times back then, makes providing In Home Elderly Care more worthwhile.


You can go endless on this one – favorite movies, favorite band, favorite actors, and so on. When they remember their celebrity idol, the excitement will just come right back in their bosoms, and you’d get yourself an elderly individual enthusiastically recalling all memories surrounding his or her favorites. Once you know what he or she likes, it would be easier for you to bring up topics that would please him or her.

At Abundant Life Assisted Services, we truly care about the elderly that we strive to give them not only security, wellness, and assistance, but we make our time with them meaningful as well

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