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4 Tricks to Remember Your Doctor’s Instructions

4 Tricks to Remember Your Doctor’s Instructions

When we become seniors, visiting our doctor becomes a regular part of our life. We need to stay updated about our health. Along with this, we need to know if the medications we’re taking are still at the right dosage.

Indeed, there are many benefits when we commit to go to our doctors according to schedule. Yet, many seniors also struggle about remembering their doctor’s instructions. Remembering these instructions with correctness is crucial for a senior person’s wellbeing.

To help you with that, here are some ways to remember your doctor’s instructions with accuracy.

  1. Take Down Notes

    When you visit your doctor, bring your own pen and notebook. Write down what your doctor told you in a way that you’ll understand. You can also prepare your questions beforehand. Better yet, ask for a provider of In Home Elderly Care in Georgia to accompany you and take down notes on your behalf.

  2. Record the Conversation

    Mobile phones today are now equipped with voice recording features. Use this to record your doctor’s instructions. This way, you can listen to it again when you get home. By then, you’ll have a more detailed understanding of their instructions.

  3. Talk with Other Members of the Healthcare Team

    You can also ask the other members of your healthcare team to reinforce what your doctor told you. The members of this team include the nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, and other health professionals you need to keep in touch with.

  4. Contact the Doctor

    If ever you’re already home and there are other matters that you realize you did not understand, call or email your doctor about it. A provider of Senior Care Services can assist you in coordinating with your doctor about the information you need to know.

At Abundant Life Assisted Services, a provider of Senior Home Care Services in Georgia, you can have the help you need when visiting your doctor. We can escort you to medical appointments too.

If you’re interested, set an appointment today!

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