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Cancer Care in Georgia


The diagnosis of cancer, whatever the type, can be devastating to both the patient and their loved ones. The emotional turmoil can even extend up to the treatment days and severe complications. As a provider of Senior Home Care Services in Georgia, we recognize the long emotional battle that comes with caring for a loved one with cancer, especially when that person is your elderly family member.

In their aging years, our afflicted senior loved one may not have all the strength to hurdle the pains that come with the treatment. And yet, for the sake of hope and love, we enjoin them to go through the procedure, keeping them company every time to provide assurance that they have you to hold on to when the pain seems unbearable.

However, caring for our senior loved ones in sensitive moments as these can also be draining and exhausting, physically and emotionally. For that, don’t ever hesitate to seek assistance from key providers of In Home Elderly Care in Georgia, as they can help make things easier and more manageable for you at home, while you focus on tending to the care needs of your beloved.

Here are some important considerations that you have to keep in mind when your loved one is undergoing cancer treatment.

  • There are different forms of treatment for cancer, depending on its type and stage, the extent of growth, and how widespread the tumor has become, if it ever did.
  • For cancer that has not spread to other body parts, the frequently chosen treatment is surgery, wherein the affected organ is totally removed to keep it from infecting the others.
  • When surgery is not possible, the other treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, or other therapies targeting the cancer cells.

How do you make your loved one’s condition more manageable, if not painless, when they undergo treatment? Here are tips you can consider.

  • Help your elderly loved one to get a good amount of rest and a well-balanced meal to increase their strength in going through the treatment.
  • While radiation treatment can be wrapped up in a few minutes, let your loved one stay on for until half an hour to help them rest some more.
  • The part of the body where the radiation treatment was performed has to be cared for as it can become sensitive and gets irritated easily.
  • Regulate the activities of your loved one after chemotherapy and keep them from doing too many tasks at the same time.
  • Steer them away from other family members with colds or flu since the chemotherapy can weaken their immune system.

Remember this: GET SUPPORT. You’re not meant to assist Abundant Life Assisted Services is always here for you to lend extra hands in giving Senior Care Services. Contact us anytime.

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