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Senior Care: 5 Tips for Approaching Dementia Patients


Having dementia is not easy. Your elderly loved one will be experiencing memory loss, forgetting appointments and even family members’ names, not to mention the mood swings from time to time. There is no simple way to understand dementia patients because some symptoms are different from person to person. However, there are ways you can better communicate with them:

  1. Call Them by Their Names. People with dementia will respond better to their first names, as they remember it more than they will remember others’ names.
  2. Approach Slowly. Sometimes dementia patients will feel threatened if you walk too fast towards them, as they may not recognize you right away. Give them time to see you approaching.
  3. Stand Beside Them. They will feel less threatened if you do this and have a feeling of support instead of confrontational.
  4. Be at Eye Level. They may feel threatened if you are standing while they are sitting or lying down. It is best to come down to the level they are at so they feel at ease with you.
  5. Offer Your Hand to Assist. Sometimes they will need to go to the bathroom or walk somewhere and they need your help. It is best to reach out your hand, palm facing upward, and wait for them to give their hands for you to hold. This allows them to see you are respecting them.

In-home elderly care is definitely one of the senior care services that are best for your elderly loved ones. It allows them to have more independence and live with dignity because they are not constantly under strict medical attention. If you are looking for senior home care services in Georgia, Abundant Life Assisted Services is just the right one for you!

Abundant Life Assisted Services offers the following for you and your loved ones: companionship, private duty sitting, escort to appointments, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, bathing, hospice support care, meal preparation, dressing, and more.

Visit our website at to know more about us or call us at 678-319-0307 to schedule caregiving services. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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