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3 Common Fall Hazards in Your Home and How You Can Avoid Them

When you think about the dangers you might face in the local neighborhood, you don’t always think of the indoors, do you? After all, what’s there to harm you when you’re in the safety of your home? Well, to be honest, there are a lot of things. Take fall hazards, for example. As the name … Continue reading

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Exercising for Senior Citizens: Maintaining Your Health

The older we become, the more our health will diminish. Our metabolism will slow down, our energy reserves will dwindle, and we will feel weaker. However, this is a process that can be slowed down through a healthy lifestyle. One of the most effective methods at your disposal is exercise. With regular physical activities, it … Continue reading

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Tips for Communicating with a Loved One with Dementia

There is no loss as painful as seeing your loved ones slowly succumb to dementia. It’s like seeing a once healthy and blooming flower slowly wither away. When the disease is progressing, you’ll experience changes in the way your loved ones are interacting with you. They may oftentimes be forgetful and in the serious spectrum, … Continue reading

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